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Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment

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PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatment involves reinjecting your own platelet rich plasma into your skin, delivering an abundance of growth factors that stimulate the body’s natural healing response. This helps you to achieve total skin rejuvenation and can treat both male and female hair loss. 

PRP Treatment

PRP stimulates collagen and elastin production which thickens and tightens thinning skin, effectively smoothing wrinkles and fine lines. Because it boosts collagen, it’s also a great treatment for improving overall skin texture and tone. It’s particularly good for people who suffer from rosacea or acne. It treats delicate and difficult to treat areas, such as the delicate under eye area where clients often notice signs of aging first but where no laser can be used.

What is PRP best for?

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PRP uses your own natural elements without the addition of any foreign products. The treatment works by drawing a small sample of your blood, which is then spun in a centrifuge for approximately five minutes to separate the plasma from the other blood particles. The platelet rich plasma is then reinjected back into the treatment area to stimulate collagen and elastin production. 

A Natural Type of Cosmetic Injectable

PRP hair rejuvenation treatment involves the injection of platelets into the area of the body in which hair loss is occurring, for example the crown of the head. The platelets release growth factors, which stimulates the dermal papilla cells that are crucial in the hair growth process. For that reason, a series of PRP injections help to trigger hair regrowth to restore lost hair.

For Hair Loss

Results from PRP take between three to four weeks to appear but are long-lasting, typically lasting 12 to 18 months after an initial series of three treatments. At Lifetime Laser we can use PRP injections in conjunction with a PRP facial for total skin rejuvenation. We can also use PRP injections to treat hair loss. The results are truly amazing.

Results are Long Lasting

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