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Electrolysis is the process of slowly burning the hair follicle until it is destroyed. It's similar to laser, but on a much smaller scale. It's specifically targeted, meaning that each hair follicle is individually treated one at a time to achieve a "shaped" look. Laser is used for larger areas when no "shaping" is required. Electrolysis, is a slower process than laser hair removal, meaning that each hair follicle is individually treated, so it will take numerous treatments to achieve your desired results. Most clients at Lifetime Laser find that with an aggressive treatment such as, once a week for 20 minutes, hairs stop growing back within a year. Maintenance is recommended to keep a fresh and shaped look. The lasting effects are truly amazing!

While laser hair removal uses light energy to remove hair area by area, electrolysis uses electric currents and targets one hair follicle at a time. A very fine thin needle is placed in the opening of the hair follicle, where heat and chemical energy destroy hair cells.

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