PCA Chemical Peel

Pores are unclogged, aging spots are lightened and wrinkles eventually are reduced.

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PCA Chemical Peel $110-$150

PCA Chemical Peel

PCA chemical peels are light to moderate chemical peels that can exfoliate, tighten, smooth, and improve the texture and appearance of the facial skin and some other body areas. PCA chemical peels contain AHAs, or alphahydroxy acids, which are the gentlest and lightest chemical peels available. There are different types of PCA chemical peels that are designed to address specific skin conditions. PCA chemical peels can be very effective at treating facial blemishes and acne, uneven skin pigmentation, fine wrinkles, and damage caused by the sun, aging, and other sources of skin imperfections. 

Types of Chemical Peels

For patients who are sensitive to hydroquinone, there are PCA chemical peels without it that are also useful for unclogging pores, treating acne, and rejuvenating the skin. Some formulations of PCA chemical peels have both hydroquinone and resorcinol. These PCA chemical peels are the most potent and are good for more extreme skin imperfections. Patients with active or cystic acne, extreme sun damage, and asphyxiated skin are usually the best candidates for these PCA chemical peels. In addition to AHAs, PCA chemical peels also include other chemicals that are formulated to treat specific skin needs. Some PCA chemical peels have hydroquinone constituents which are good for treating sun damage, pigment discolorations, and acne.